The Lattice (Official 3DHEALS Podcast)

Product Design for Veterinary 3D Printed Prosthesis

April 17, 2021 3DHEALS Season 2021 Episode 12
The Lattice (Official 3DHEALS Podcast)
Product Design for Veterinary 3D Printed Prosthesis
Show Notes

In this episode of Instagram Live recording, I had the pleasure to interview two young startup co-founders, Adam Hecht and Alex Tholl from @divedesignco (website: DiveDesign Studio) who created a niche for themselves in the space of 3D printed prosthesis for animals and athletes. Important topics covered in this interview (in both video and podcast formats) include: How can a young product design company effectively differentiate itself from thousands of others? What was the inflection point of Adam and Alex's success story? What were their growth strategies? What new technologies are they looking at? What projects they have taken on that could potentially transform an entire industry? And more. 

About our guests for this episode:

Adam Hecht Is an industrial designer, co-founder, and head of strategic partnerships at Dive Design, an NJ-based product design and engineering firm dedicated to building industry-shaping products and brands.  

Alexander Tholl is the Co-Founder of DiveDesign, a strategic Industrial Design and Development firm specializing in new tech and alternative manufacturing methods. Alex oversees business administration, strategy, and acquisition while maintaining an active role in product development and prototyping at DiveDesign.

The full speaker bio and video recordings are here. 

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