The Lattice (Official 3DHEALS Podcast)

3D Printing for Medical Students

March 07, 2021 3DHEALS Season 2021 Episode 10
The Lattice (Official 3DHEALS Podcast)
3D Printing for Medical Students
Show Notes

This fun and insightful conversation with Juan Pablo Garcia Venegas, the engineer behind works on Instagram @m3daid. Juan shared with us how he was inspired to create various 3D printed medical models for the simple but important goal to help the medical students and trainees to learn human anatomies better, with advantages of not recognizing three-dimensional shape but also mobility and functionality, things impossible from an anatomy book. 

I could not agree more. 

Here are my first several attempts in 3D printing Juan's model of a shoulder. I cannot wait to do more. We will be sharing Juan's STL files in a new 3DHEALS file-sharing portal. Stay tuned for announcements.

Video recording, notes link:

About our Guest: 

Juan Pablo Garcia Venegas

(Instagram @m3daid)

"My name is Juan Pablo García, I'm a biomedical engineer from Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, I'm an R&D Engineer at BMC Medical Manufacturing, which is a Mexican company focused on the development of medical devices. During my studies, I had the opportunity to make internships in hospitals as a clinical Engineer, as well as being involved in high-tech projects such as skeleton manufacturing and orthosis design. I think that digital manufacturing and 3D printing will change the way that medicine is being approached."

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